The Social Media revolution



Chris Smith is a communications consultant specializing in social networks, communications devices & website development. Chris has an Msc in Responsibility & Business Practice from Bath University. As the founder of Ecotube, the Green Youtube, Chris has amassed a vast knowledge on the potential of the internet which he shares at this workshop event.

    Step By Step Hootsuite Guide

    Engage the Social Consumer

        Best Practise Leadership

     2 Billion Reasons to attend


Event Detail

Tuesday 30th September 2014
2.00pm - 5.00pm

Development House
56-64 Leonard Street,

tel. 07881 - 823071

Why you need this workshop

There are over two billion reasons to do this workshop!

That's the number of internet users that are online today.

History has seen the opening and closing of many frontiers, the telegraph, telephone, fax and computer. Yet today we have more tools available to communicate than the rest of history put together!

With this freedom comes responsibility, to demonstrate leadership in our field, develop best practise and avoid digital littering.

In the time it's taken you to read this far there have been over 100 million emails sent worldwide, 1 million videos viewed on Youtube and over 50,000 tweets posted.

This mean's you can't afford to miss this opportunity to harness the power of social media, master advanced techniques with ease and potentially connect with over 2 billion users and rising.

Make your campaign's the best they can be with the Social Media Bootcamp - Everything you don't know about Social Media explained in under 3 hours!


In 3 hours you will learn;

 Manage ALL your social media output with one easy application 

 Step by Step guide to set up your accounts;  watch, learn and create

 Bring your laptop and set it up live

 Leave the workshop with all your social media ready to go!



 Build channels for social collaboration using crowd sourcing 

 Understand the best crowd sourcing campaigns and how they were most effective

 Create self interest groups and mobilize them to influence brands

 Learn how to create a community by building a bespoke Social Media website

 Track the latest content from any websites you want with ease


 Video Content - online editing tools that make film making easy

 How to go viral - the best campaigns 1 million views and more!

  Learn to win like the big brands with content marketing



Crowd funding - raise £10,000 and more for your campaigns

 A guide to the best crowd funding websites for music, politics and campaigns


 Engage 900 Million users on Facebook with fan pages & profiles

 Understand and use Facebook apps to improve your presence

 Maximise potential with a bespoke design page

 Advertise on Facebook - a users guide to campaign success


 Step by Step guide to Twitter

 Build a relevant Twitter audience in minutes

 Secrets of the #hashtag

Learn how to generate $500,000 using Twitter!


 Analyse results across multiple social media channels

 Output statistics from Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube

 Access live analytics tools for instant snapshot of your website success


Overview of the latest social media platforms including Vine, Snapchat & Instagram


 You will have access to over an hour of exclusive online video tutorials 

Watch step by step guides to Hootsuite and it's myriad social media management tools

In Depth video guide to Youtube, Facebook & Twitter analytic tools


"All the stuff that I wanted to make our social media effective and as powerful it can be. A very high paced, information intensive 3 hours, very very good!" 

 Sue Wheat, Y Care International

"Really opened our eyes to the world of social media and how to leverage it to our advantage"  Debbie Hoods, Kids First Trust

“Absolutely Amazing. Completely opened my eyes”

 David Murray, Chief Executive, The Green Party